Goodbye Church High

In the summer of 2014 when we said goodbye to Church High a DVD was created for staff called ‘Best Years of Our Lives’.  It featured many of my photographs of the school taken over the years for the senior magazine and some specially taken during the final days of Church High.  A number of video slideshows were created from these images.

The video created on July 3rd, the penultimate day in the school’s life, shows the happiness of the girls at the last ever House Silly Sports Day and the special camaraderie of the staff at the Staff Hog Roast.

The most important one charts the final school day at Church High.

Another charting the last academic year serves as a digital archive.

One of my favourites uses the photos I have to chart day to day life in Church High in recent years.  It does give a feel of happy times there.

Peter Keen, NCHS Bursar, remained working in the building until the start of September 2014, packing up the Church High business contracts, etc. However, the Administrative and Support staff signed out for the very last time at ten to four on 11th July when the answerphone was formally switched over to Eskdale Terrace. I went back into School especially that day to record the Administrative Decamp for posterity. I’ve always been close to those who looked after the building and it was fitting that Tankerville was left in their safe hands that summer. Thank you Peter Keen, Steven Farrell, Gentian Qeku, Brenda Cavagnah, Lynda Lant, Lesley Ferguson and David Cocallis. Although a sombre occasion for all, the tone was surprisingly upbeat that day. Because of that, this video slideshow never fails to make me smile. Vincit Omnes Veritas.